About Max

Having a background in Arts, photography has always been one of my biggest passions. Showing it to the world however has only started a few years back. It happened while I was travelling around Ireland and admiring its beautiful sceneries. I decided to capture and share every frame which I thought would inspire people and drive them to discovery.

Sometime after, I began to introduce people in the shots, in portrait photography to animate the vibrant landscape.

The reason I fell in love with wedding photography was simply because I genuinely love working with people, and couples who are in love are my biggest source of inspiration.

There is something very pure and authentic about it, but also the chance to photograph each couple in a special way, to capture their love story and make it unique. Each session is different, in style, in colours, in emotions but I love to achieve that soft film look.

My final goal is to craft memorable fine art images, that bring to life love biographies.